Safe and secure housing is a fundamental human need

Who Homelessness Affects

Homelessness is a difficult, complex and often-misunderstood economic situation, which affects over 21,000 Iowans. Primary reasons for homelessness include lack of income, lack of affordable housing, and incidents of domestic violence. HACAP understands that safe and secure housing is a fundamental human need.

Homeless individuals/families wanting to apply for a rapid re-housing program, or who are in need of help finding a shelter, please call 1-866-469-2211.

Homelessness Affects:

  • People of all ages and family status
  • 61% of homeless adults had not experienced poverty as children
  • 78% of the homeless family leaders had a high school diploma or some college education
  • Two-thirds of Iowa homeless people are women and children
  • The Linn County Continuum of Care reported that in 2005
    • 58% of surveyed homeless households were led by women
    • 29% of homeless men over 40 were veterans
    • 10% of the homeless population were 55 years or older

Three Steps to Change

There is no single face to homelessness. The causes of this economic hardship vary with each individual, but there is a successful exit strategy that involves three primary steps of moving the homeless to:

  1. Emergency shelters where crisis concerns are remedied
  2. Affordable housing where individuals or families return to a life of economic stability
  3. Rapid Re-housing 

Our Homelessness Programs Include:

  • Permanent Housing
  • Homeless Children's Trust

Learn how you too can combat homelessness.