Transitioning people from a homeless economic condition to self-sufficiency

Our housing programs for low-income households work to sustain current housing and utilities. Programs for homeless households provide housing and resources to transition people from a homeless economic condition to self-sufficiency.

Transitional Housing

HACAP transitional housing is available in Benton, Johnson, Linn, and Washington counties. It is the intent of the program that while meeting specific compliance requirements, the participants are learning valuable skills leading them toward self-sufficiency and safe, secure permanent housing for themselves and their families.

Consumer education/life skills classes are offered on a monthly basis, covering a wide subject matter. Some examples of class topics include financial management, tenant/landlord law, conflict management, and communication skills.

Family Support Workers are assigned to each family to offer support services for residents to work toward their goals of self-sufficiency and establishment of permanent housing. Family Support Workers assist them in solving issues associated with:

  • Personal finance management
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Job research skills
  • Childcare procurement
  • Permanent housing opportunities

Permanent Housing

The Permanent Housing program provides affordable housing for low-income families with children who have graduated from our Linn County Transitional Housing program. HACAP manages a number of apartments and single-family dwellings for low-income families with children in the Linn County area.

Homeless Children's Trust

The Homeless Children's Trust is a non-profit, all-volunteer program that is sponsored by HACAP. This program is dedicated to assisting children whose families are homeless and/or currently living in transitional housing by providing funds for emergency needs such as:

  • Temporary Emergency Child Care
  • Emergency Health Care
  • Essential Equipment
  • Protective Clothing
  • Shoe and Boot Fund