Program Information

Due to COVID-19, donors will not be delivering gifts to the homes of families. Instead, a donation drive will be raised to provide gift cards to families in need. Families can apply to receive a gift card for their family by filling out the application below (income eligibility guidelines apply, please chart below).

The number of families who will receive a gift card is based upon the number of donors and financial support this project has raised. Because of this, the completion of this application does not guarantee that a family will be adopted. If families are eligible and support is available, the family will be notified by letter.

Eligibility for participation is established according to the federal income guidelines. 

Household Size
Annual Gross Income


Family Online Application

By providing my electronic signature below I am declaring that my household meets the above poverty guidelines and that all other information listed above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that this application does not guarantee assistance and that if assistance is received I will use this only for items such as food, clothing, or basic necessities.

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