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Eligibility Requirements

Head Start

The Head Start and Early Head Start Programs use a variety of weighted criteria to determine eligibility. Please call us at 211 or 319-739-4211 to have a biological parent or a guardian arrange an application appointment. Some of the selection criteria include the following:

  • Family income is at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Income is based on the past twelve months of income or the most recent tax return.
  • Families who are currently receiving TANF services or benefits automatically meet the income eligibility guidelines.
  • For Head Start services, the child must be three-years old by the public school cut-off date of September 15th.
  • For center-based Early Head Start Services, the child must be 18 months old at enrollment.
  • For home-based Early Head Start the applicant must be 0-3 years old or a pregnant mother upon enrollment.
  • Head Start/Early Head Start also serves children with documented disabilities, regardless of income.

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