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Our Story

We are HACAP - a diverse, community-focused nonprofit dedicated to the sustained improvement of human life in our communities. As one of eighteen Iowa community action agencies, we provide flexible and adaptive programs and services that work toward removing the barriers to self-sufficiency. HACAP provides service in nine counties in Iowa: Benton, Dubuque, Deleware, Iowa, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington. We build collaboration among for-profit, nonprofit, faith-based, service groups and community members in order to make stronger, healthier communities.

Our Mission

Helping people develop skills to become successful and build strong communities

Our Vision

Poverty is a complex human condition, which in many respects lingers outside traditional market economics. Poverty creates barriers for human progress, restricting individual opportunity. Its impacts need to be addressed locally for maximized results.

Our Guiding Principles 

We are innovative

We are partners

We are responsive

We are leaders

We are HACAP


HACAP is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Member of Feeding America, and United Way Partner Agency