I. Strategic Initiative: Affordable Housing for All

Goal #1: Strengthen our community through housing stock improvements, renovations, and/or the expansion of low-income housing through community partnerships. 

II. Strategic Initiative: Child and Family Life

Goal #2: Strengthen our community through the improvement of local child care quality and the provision of age-appropriate education and development activities for low-income children and parents.

III. Strategic Initiative: Food Security

Goal #3: Strengthen our community through an improved food pantry/meal site network and improved access to low-cost, nutritious food for low-income populations.

IV. Strategic Initiative: Financial Stability

Goal #4: Strengthen low-income households through improved financial stability.

V. Strategic Initiative: Agency Excellence

Goal #5: Improved service delivery quality by strengthening the agency’s capability to assess, measure, and report its collective impact on local poverty.

Goal #6: Strengthen HACAP as we commit to being an organization that embraces diversity and inclusion.

VI. Strategic Initiative: Responding to Emerging Needs

Goal #7: Strengthen our community through a rapid response to emerging factors linked to the causes of poverty.

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