Open Positions

HACAP is committed to equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate against or in favor of any employee or applicant on the basis of age, race, sex, creed, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation.

Internships Opportunities

HACAP offers un-paid internships to students based on our various program needs and availability. Learn how to apply in the link below. Click here for our Internship Application Form.

What we are proud to offer you:

  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Savings (IPERS and/or 403(b))
  • Paid time off and 9 company paid holidays
  • Short Term Disability after 1 year of employment
  • Basic Life and AD&D coverage
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Optional benefits: Flexible Spending, Long Term Disability, Voluntary Life, Voluntary Accident, and Vision
  • Corporate Advantage Partnership Education Program with Mount Mercy University and Upper Iowa University

What We Stand For

Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc. (HACAP) has earned the trust and confidence of the public through years of ethical, honest, and responsible charitable service. We believe the continued success of HACAP depends upon the conduct of its employees, board of directors, and volunteers.

Personal Integrity

We value truthfulness and strive to avoid misrepresentation.
We strive for fairness and objectivity in our deliberations and decision-making.
We seek to ensure that confidential or privileged information is used only as intended.
We strive to be inclusive and embrace diversity in all of our activities.
We are committed to the concept of equal opportunity for all and rewarding meritorious behavior.
We respect the dignity of every person with whom we have contact.

Organizational Excellence

We honor and embrace the partnership of volunteers and staff as we work to advance the mission of HACAP.
We strive for operational excellence at HACAP in recognition that to do less violates our public trust.
We pledge as volunteers and staff to exercise good stewardship.
We will not condone coercive or unscrupulous behavior in any of our business dealings with volunteers, staff, donors, clients, or vendors.
We pledge to deal with vendors without bias or preferential treatment.
We pledge to provide a working environment where open communications and diversity of opinions are welcomed and encouraged.
We strive to encourage growth and personal development for each of our employees.


We pledge to efficiently collect and maintain accurate information regarding all aspects of our operations.
We pledge to fully disclose all information legally defined as public information and to provide fair and accurate reports on how funds are used to strengthen the programs we deliver.

Conflict of Interest

As staff and volunteers, we pledge to protect the good name of HACAP and to avoid any activity that diminishes our mission.
As volunteers and staff of HACAP, we pledge to disclose our personal interests and when appropriate to refrain from participating in or influencing any decision that would provide a direct personal advantage to us or any member of our family.

Personal Gain

As staff and volunteers, we pledge not to accept any gratuity for a favor in return for duties performed on behalf of HACAP from parties that may have benefited materially from our decisions.
As staff and volunteers, we agree to refrain from accepting food, travel, or entertainment that is directly related to HACAP business decisions.
As staff and volunteers, we agree not to use HACAP resources to advance material personal or business interests.

Employment Practices

We expect that each employee will be treated with respect free from verbal or physical harassment.
We pledge to be an equal opportunity employer that hires on merit and without regard to age, creed, disability, gender, marital status, military status, national origin, race, religion, or sexual preference.


HACAP will not place a person in a staff position where their performance would be managed by a relative (by blood or marriage).
We will avoid selecting a consultant or vendor who is relative, close personal friend, employee, or is associated with a relative, close personal friend, based primarily on that relationship