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Who to Call

HACAP is still providing services at this time. While our lobbies are closed to the public, due to the spread of COVID-19, service staff will still be available by phone.

Corporate Front Desk 319-393-7811 Ext. 1001        
Need Food? 319-393-7811 press 2
WIC Marion 319-447-5816    
WIC Urban 319-366-7632
Child Health 319-739-0601
Maternal Health    319-538-4806
Breastfeeding Support   319-538-4806
Child Care Nurse Consultant   319-538-4458
Medicaid and Hawk-I  319-551-4329
1st Five  319-540-2458
Head Start/Early Head Start 800-332-5289
Energy Assistance/LIHEAP 319-739-0100
I-Smile Oral Health 319-329-5970
Linn Co. Affordable Housing 319-366-7631 ext 1502
Johnson Co. Affordable Housing       319-530-5790


Recursos de comida disponibles en Cedar Rapids

Food Insecurity - Hungry Child

The Facts On: Food & Nutrition

Access to healthy food is the basis for successful living.

1 in 7

Kids in our service area are currently food insecure


Number of children served by The Backpack Program every week during the school year

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Energy Conservation - Weatherizing Home

The Facts On: Energy Conservation

HACAP’s energy conservation services ensure secure households to people living on fixed incomes.


United Way 211 call volume related to rent, housing or utility questions


Households benefitting from HACAP’s Housing Stability programs

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HACAP Head Start Program

The Facts On: Children

Low-income families need assistance with preparing their preschool children for school.


Number of children Head Start served in 2018.


Percentage of children with cognitive skills to be successful in school after 1 year of Head Start

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Veteran Support - Operation Home

The Facts On: Veteran Support

Veterans in crisis commonly need connections to community resources.


Homeless Veterans were served by Operation Home in 2018.


Veteran Families HACAP has secured safe housing for during the first year of Operation Home

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Homeless Mother and Daugther

The Facts On: Homelessness

Safe and secure housing is a fundamental need for all people.


How many more days homeless people spend in prison and the hospital for medical needs


Percentage of HACAP transitional households exited to permanent housing

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