Cedar Rapids Home Lead Hazard Assistance

Cedar Rapids Home Lead Hazard Assistance

January 04, 2016 at 10:37 AM

Did you know that according to the National Center for Disease Control, lead poisoning is one of the most common preventable child health concerns? Or, that 60% of Iowa homes built before 1978 are likely to have had lead based paint used in the home? These facts are a couple primary reasons we are reaching out to you today.

We want to share information about a Lead Hazard Control Grant Program available for residence living within the city limits of Cedar Rapids. The goals for this program are to prevent the occurrence of lead poisoning in young children, through training, education and alleviating lead based paint hazards in older homes.

The City of Cedar Rapids, Linn County Public Health, and Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP) are the Administrators of a Lead Hazard Control Grant Program for the City of Cedar Rapids.

HACAP is currently accepting applications from households who may qualify for this special grant. If your household meets the below criteria we would love the opportunity to talk with you about lead prevention measures available through this grant, and work through our application process with you. 

The Lead Hazard Control Grant Qualifying Criteria:

      1                2                   3                   4                    5                  6   

  41,750         47,700          53,650           59,600           64,400          69,150

Please give us a call at 319-739-0100 to request an application, or to learn if your household is eligible for this program.