Embrace Iowa 2015

Embrace Iowa 2015

November 19, 2015 at 3:46 PM

A program in Iowa is providing relief to unemployed and underemployed families, as well as low to moderate income people in Iowa. Embrace Iowa is an assistance program that is offered by the The Des Moines Register and it is funded by contributions from a wide variety of sources. The assistance program provides cash grants to households that are experiencing an emergency or hardship and that need some type of short term financial help. It runs year round, and hundreds of families and individuals across Iowa benefit from it each year.

The Des Moines Register partners with the Iowa Community Action Association. The local, non-profit community action agencies distribute the funds to participants. In addition, Wells Fargo also contributes by donating the processing and banking needs for the Embrace Iowa program.

This year, most of the requests for assistance are for car repairs, rent,  beds, appliances and even mortgage payments. There has been about a 20 percent increase in the number of families who are asking for assistance this year according to the Iowa Community Action Association.

Some other examples of non-routine emergency expenses that are being requested include:

HACAP will be accepting Embrace Iowa Applications through January 29, 2016. To apply, download and complete the embrace Iowa Application and Intake form (below) and it return to to HACAP.

You can submit your application in by...

US Postal Service: ATTN. John Regan, HACAP, 1515 Hawkeye Drive, Hiawatha, IA

Email: jregan@hacap.org 

Fax: ATTN. (319) 393-6263

or in-person at one of our many area locations.
Please review our Application Guidelines (below) before applying. For more information, contact John Regan at (319) 739-1521 or jregan@hacap.org.