Our Community Impact

Think Big. Start Small. Act Fast.

Local Solutions to Local Problems

As a community action agency, HACAP is committed to providing local solutions to local problems, always striving toward community betterment. When the community identifies a need, they turn to HACAP for help. From feeding thousands of children who are food insecure to serving as the non-emergency call center during the flood of 2008, HACAP's breadth and depth of capabilities have greatly impacted the 6 Iowa counties we serve.


HACAP coordinates with different entities throughout the community to find meaningful ways to help those in need. Focusing on a results-oriented approach and accountability, we offer fast solutions to real, local problems. Above all, we think beyond the immediate need. By not setting limitations on what we offer, HACAP is able to help people in all facets of their everyday lives. In the end, we are working to sustain long-term individual and family progress to self-sufficiency.

Creating Change

As a responsibility-based group, we always begin by asking: so what? What is the difference that we want to make in the community? What is the difference we want to see as a result of the programs we offer? If we can create change within the community, even impacting just one person in a positive way, then we are strides closer to building stronger, healthier communities.