Board of Directors

Building a prosperous future requires dynamic leadership

The HACAP Board of Directors is the primary force approving the agency's strategic plan, organizational structure and operational capabilities. Since their conception, Community Action Agencies (CAAs) have utilized a three-part board membership structure that harnesses the ideas of its primary stakeholders within the communities they serve:

  • Businesses & other private sector organizations
  • Public sector service organizations
  • Representatives of the low-income community

Viable Solutions for the Local Economy

Bringing these community stakeholders together allows HACAP to better serve the residents of our six-county service area. By drawing upon insights from different sectors of our community, our Board of Directors generates viable solutions that fit the local economy.


  • John Brandt - President
  • Sister Susan O'Connor - Vice-President
  • Nate Jensma - Treasurer
  • Wayne Manternach - Secretary


  • Kaitlyn Love
  • Neal Huedepohl
  • Lynette Jacoby
  • Bob Yoder
  • David Thielen
  • Sonji Hill
  • Tom Petersen
  • Mark Hixson
  • Melanie Nollsch
  • Bethany King
  • Mark Setterh
  • Camarie Bauer
  • Karina Hutchison
  • Rick Primmer
  • Steve Pace, Non-Voting