2018 Adopt-A-Family Donor Sign-Up

The time of giving is almost here, and providing gifts and food to a struggling family this holiday season is important. It’s a chance for our community to step up and feel great about helping to stabilize a family during a difficult financial time, and help parents create wonderful memories with their children.

Donors who sign-up to sponsor a family will be matched with a family from the Cedar Rapids Area.

It’s also important to us that our volunteers and donors feel a sense of value in the wonderful things they are doing to support those in need in our communities.

How it works:

STEP 1: Sign-up to become a donor using the form below.

STEP 2: HACAP’s Holiday Assistance team will review your application and match you with a family/families that meet(s) your specifications.

STEP 3: HACAP will send you an e-mail that includes a scanned copy of your adopted family application(s). The applications contain family demographic and contact information as well as a short wish list for each member of the family.

STEP 4: Once you have received your adopted family application(s) it is your responsibility to contact those families directly, to coordinate the transfer of gifts/food on or before December 21, 2018. Please note that local HACAP facilities will be available for donors and families to utilize as neutral meet locations.

STEP 5: Please inform HACAP of the date you made contact with your family/school to arrange the transfer of gifts/food and also the date that the transfer was complete. This quality process will help us ensure that all families have been taken care of. Email 

Donor Sign-Up Form

By agreeing to provide for a family/families, you agree to purchase at least two gifts for each child. You will be provided with the the names, age, gender, size and some gift and personal care product ideas for those you are helping. *