Frequently Asked Questions about Operation Home

Operation Home

Where do you find homeless veterans sleeping outside?

We find homeless veterans sleeping under bridge overpasses, camping near rivers, in parking ramps and in their own cars.

What era of veterans do you most commonly see?

While we see veterans from as far back as WWII, our most common eras are Vietnam and Desert Storm.

How do we refer someone to you for service?

You can access our services by calling 211 and asking for an Operation Home representative or by calling 319-739-0023.

How long can clients be in your program?

Initially clients are enrolled for 90 days. They can then re-certify for an additional 90 days for a maximum of 6 months.

Should I give a homeless veteran money when I see them panhandling?

This is one of the most common questions. While this is completely left open to each individual's discretion, we should consider that we know very little about that person's situation. Often times, money is not what they really need. HACAP and our partner agencies employ trained professionals who have likely already encountered the individual in a professional setting. In order to ensure these types of clients receive the highest quality of care, we recommend individuals donate to their Community Action Programs and their local social service agencies.