Helping to reduce utility costs and provide energy assistance

Sustaining independent living and self-sufficiency requires long-term upkeep of safe and secure housing. Low-wage workers and people on fixed incomes often have difficulty juggling their utility bills with other necessities. In an effort to reduce energy costs, HACAP strives to promote and educate people on energy conservation.


Weatherization improves approximately 200 local houses annually, bringing a $476 average first year energy savings per property. The HACAP Weatherization Assistance Program works to reduce personal utility costs by improving the housing stock of low-income individuals and families. The program provides services to people on fixed-incomes and children living in low-wage households.

Weatherization directly benefits low-income households by reducing their energy costs. In the process, it allows people to stop making the critical choice between winter heat and other necessities. Weatherization, however, does more by making local communities a better and more prosperous place to live.

Lead-based Paint Services

Iowa's incidence rate of lead poisoning in children under six is significantly higher than the national average. Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and, at very high levels, seizures, coma, and even death. Lead poisoning is entirely preventable. The key is stopping children from coming into contact with lead and treating children who have been poisoned by lead.

HACAP offers lead-based paint services by assessing the level of risk at a given location and providing an action plan for isolating or removing the lead-paint hazard.

Energy Assistance

Having safe and secure housing is a human need for all people. Energy Assistance program provides energy crisis and bill payment assistance to elderly, disabled and low-income households.

The federally funded Low-income Heat Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) serves as the backbone of HACAP's Energy Assistance projects. We integrate this vital program with Emergency Crisis Intervention (ECIP) and our homeowner furnace projects, providing furnace maintenance, repair and replacement. Together these efforts work to make Iowa a better place to live.

Energy Counseling

HACAP's Assessment and Resolution Energy Counseling program (A&R Program) provides energy efficiency education, budget counseling and incentives for qualified households. Through energy counseling we strive to decrease energy consumption, which will aid in the reduction of reliance on non-household income assistance as a means of maintaining energy services.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a service offered by HACAP focused on providing people in the community with a basic understanding of Finance. Our Financial Literacy services cover everything from interest rates, CDs, and loan terms, to checking accounts, saving accounts, credit scores, and more. This service is free and aims to help community members manage their finances long-term.