10 Ways to enjoy Thanksgiving on a budget

If finances are tight this year, Thanksgiving may make you nervous. But, there’s no reason to break the bank this holiday season. Here are 10 simple and easy tips to help make your Thanksgiving affordable and enjoyable.


1. Skip the name brand Turkey

Turkey is usually the most costly part about thanksgiving. Save money by buying a store brand frozen turkey. Generic brands are often times less expensive and are just as tasty!

2. Keep it simple

Stick to recipes that use everyday ingredients you'd normally keep in your pantry like canned green beans, corn,  potatoes, seasonings and more! Before shopping be sure to take stock of what you already have.

3. Cook from scratch

We all know that we pay for convenience and while the instant mashed potatoes may seem tempting, making mashed potatoes from scratch is cheaper, and they are easy to make Bonus, its much more fun when cooking together and sharing the workload!

4. Borrow what you can

Don't have a large roasting pan?  Ask friends or family if they have these items that you can borrow. Or, make a trip to your local thrift store, chances are they have many of the tools to make a feast!

5. Plan for leftovers

If you want get even more bang for your holiday buck, make a little extra so you have enough for leftovers. This will give you the option to make lunches or dinners for a day or two afterwards without having to rely on your other groceries and cooking! Is there anything better than a leftover turkey and dressing sandwich?

6. Utilize your local pantry

Local food pantries are a great resource to help fill in the gaps for many of your needs! Need to find a pantry near you

7. Shop early

We are only a few days away which means people are flocking to the stores and clearing the shelves. Be sure to shop now so you can get the items you need and want! Reminder - most stores are closed Thanksgiving day!

8. Buy some frozen/canned foods or use what is in season

Canned and frozen goods are often cheaper yet still have the freshness you are looking for! If your not one for the traditional green bean casserole, try using fresh seasonal produce like squash instead. 

9. Make a list

Go to the store with a shopping list and stick to your list. We all know impulse buys can add up quickly.

10. Share the cost

We all know holiday meals can be costly, but the burden does not have to fall on one person. Share the cost by delegating a dish or two to family members attending the feast!

If you put some or all of these tips into action, you'll find that you don't have to spend a fortune to throw a feast that your family or friends will enjoy. 


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