50+ Reasons we are thankful

Thanksgiving is here — and HACAP team members have shown that they have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season.

From friends & family to health and good food, employees shared what is most meaningful to them this time of year. Discover what they had to say below.

1.      I am thankful for the opportunity to be the CEO of an organization where we have a team of over 300 caring individuals that are committed to making a difference in the lives of the clients who come through our doors. - Jane D.

2.      I am thankful for an organization that values creativity, innovation + growth. - Whitney S

3.      I am thankful for my health, job, family and friends. - Danielle P

4.      I am thankful to work with such a caring and amazing team. - Sierra D

5.      I am thankful for the number of volunteers that want to give back. It is truly a reminder of the great community we live in. - Aron B

6.      I am thankful to serve. - Tony W

7.      I am thankful for HACAP’s commitment to keep employees safe while continuing to provide services to people in need. - Linda L

8.      I am thankful for the opportunity to serve others. - Stephanie W

9.      I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity to work for HACAP. I have been on the opposite side a few times in my life and being able to give back and help our community is very satisfying and rewarding. - Amelia O

10.   I am thankful because I will finally get to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Covid prevented us from doing that last year.  I am also thankful for my full-time position here at HACAP.  I am very blessed and truly grateful.- Norma A

11.   I am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of little ones.  Seeing the joy in their eyes as they accomplish new tasks is rewarding. - Gayle D

12.   I am thankful for my work family and how we all support each other.- Gayle D

13.   I am thankful for the work done at HACAP, it is extremely rewarding and I enjoy helping others.  - Kaitlyn S

14.   I'm thankful for an awesome Food Reservoir team that works hard every day. - Kim G

15.   I am thankful for safe travels during our move. - Amie

16.   I am thankful for generous people, with few resources, who still find ways to share with others. - Ronelle C

17.   I am thankful to have a supervisor who supports my mental health and self-care needs. - Lilly L

18.   I am thankful for family, food, and great friends. - Christopher A

19.   I am thankful for finally have all big projects completed from Derecho. now just have little finishing touches. - Julie

20.   I am thankful getting to be a part of a team who cares about our community and each persons needs.  I'm thankful to be employed by a company who cares for for their employees.  It's an honor to be a part of HACAP. - Rachele B

21.   I am thankful to be a part of the team here at HACAP. It really is like a big family and I truly enjoy working each day with the purpose of helping others. - Tiyada P

22.   I am thankful for the health of my family. - Melanie

23.   I am thankful for all of the wonderful, dedicated, and caring individuals in our community who make a positive impact every day in the lives of those in need. - Ron A

24.   I am thankful for my very funny granddaughters.- Angela E

25.   I am thankful for friends that become family. - Amy B

26.   I am thankful that no one I know has died or been extremely ill with covid. I am thankful I work at an organization that helps people in this time of great need. - Connie F

27.   I am thankful to have finally found a job that I enjoy coming to everyday and to have a husband who supports me and pushes me to do what makes me happy.- Jenni M

28.   I am thankful that my friends and family will be able to gather for holidays this year. - Holly

29.   I am thankful because God has blessed my family with good health, daily provisions and more. - Gail L

30.   I am thankful for my family and friends. - Maryann E

31.   I am thankful for the opportunity to help members of my community succeed. Being a local person in a tight knit community is very rewarding. - Rachel H

32.   I am thankful for a caring family, friends and coworkers. - Libby U

33.   I am thankful for having my family, pets, and close friends in my life. - Bailey O

34.   I am thankful for good friends, a good job and a good family, and I couldn't ask for anything more. - Josh W

35.   I am thankful for the amazing team members I work with at HACAP. - Diana S

36.   I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and the friends I have made. - Sandy G

37.   I am thankful for my family, friends and great co-workers. - Beverly M

38.   I am thankful that my family is healthy. -Sara J

39.   I am thankful for my new home and who I share it with. - Robin P

40.   I am thankful for being surrounded by good people. - Jason

41.   I am thankful for my family, friends, pets and students. - Sienna B

42.   I'm thankful that all my family and friends continued to stay healthy this year, and for my new job here at HACAP. - Alivia K

43.   I am thankful for family and friends. - Heather K

44.   I am thankful for my faith, family, friends and our democracy. - Karen G

45.   I am thankful for good health, family and friends. - Anonymous

46.   I am thankful for our health. - Michele C

47.   I am thankful for my family and job.  - Alicia G

48.   I am thankful for the education that has opened up choices.-  - Anonymous

49.   I am thankful for health. - Kim G

50.   I am thankful for being able to overcome all the challenges that have come with COVID- all the grief, changes in the way everything is done, loss of loved ones, loss of the ability to do things we once did together, accepting the "new normal" as it constantly changes, being able to teach my eleven and half year old that despite challenges, there is joy and the ability to overcome challenges. Thankful for the ability to live in the moment, to mourn what was, but look for adventure in each new day- each new challenge. - Christen N

51. I am thankful that in some little way I can contribute to the community where I grew up and live today. - Mitch F

Together we are thankful! 

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