A warm home for Tammy

Many low-income individuals and families live in homes with improper insulation, poor working heating and cooling, and high utility bills. For some, the cost of heating their home, means families have to make tough decisions and choose between warmth in the winter or food on the table. This is a choice, no family should ever have to make.

‚ÄčLuckily, there are resources to help. Through the LIHEAP program, HACAP helped their client, Tammy, improve her living conditions by keeping the heat on.

This is Tammy’s story.

Tammy Lynch, Dubuque Native, is the true definition of a Dubuquer. With roots that date back over 100 years ago, she and her family have called Dubuque home for as long as she can remember. As we started our conversation she recalled stories of the old days including a general store her family once owned and her extended family creating both a prosperous and sometimes difficult life in Dubuque. 

Tammy recalled many of her life experiences in Dubuque including being one of the first graduates from the “Getting Ahead In A Just-Gettin’-By World” Program that brought her to volunteer at the Circles Initiative for many years. In addition, Tammy has served on the Washington Park Neighborhood Association, specifically the Safe Trick or Treat Program and has brought these skills and resources to other neighborhoods in which she resided. She continuously expressed her love for the people in this community, and shared when someone is in need, she is there. 

Just as she is there for others she indicated HACAP, once Operation New View,  has been there for her in the same way. She sees HACAP as a great organization to help working families without judgement. She recalled hard times when her grandmother, mother and now her needed a little boost to get by, especially with heat bills rising during the frigid midwestern months. Currently she resides in a home that is over 100 years old and participates in the LIHEAP Program, a program that assists with meeting the costs of home heating. Tammy stated “I would be really struggling with the heating bills if it were not for the assistance I receive”. In the past Tammy has also utilized many additional resources that have been offered by Operation New View, now HACAP, including rent reimbursement, VITA Taxes, fans & air conditioning, ECIP, food resource referrals, personal hygiene products and more. 

Tammy continued to share her positive experiences in the community and provided these words of wisdom for others who may be struggling. “If you need it, ask for it. Don't be ashamed when you fall back on hard times, everyone has been there and no one needs to feel ashamed because it's part of life. There will be a time when you can give back too, whether that be through volunteering or by being a good friend or neighbor.” 



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