Due to COVID-19, we will only be allowing volunteer groups of 5 people.

Project Hours: Open Monday-Thursday, 8AM - 5PM

Disclosure of confidential information gained through your employment or as a volunteer by Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc. is an act of prohibited conduct subject to formal disciplinary action. Any information concerning a client, family, financial condition or personal peculiarities is strictly confidential. When a client’s history or condition is reviewed, it must be done in privacy with only those persons involved with the client. Any other information coming to you in the course of your work concerning another person or employee is also considered confidential and may not become the topic of conversation with others.
I voluntarily give my permission for HACAP to take photographs and/or videotapes and use them in a publicly-identifiable manner for promotional, informational or other purposes HACAP deems suitable for an undetermined period of time, including but not limited to use on HACAP Social Media and website. I understand that I will receive no compensation for my participation. I agree that any photographs, tape recordings, and/or videotapes remain HACAP property. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I release HACAP and its representatives from any and all liability associated with the use of said photographs, tape recordings and/or videotapes.

The HACAP Food Reservoir is a working food distribution facility and because of that, food safety and your personal safety are important to us. The following safety measures must be followed at all time while in the warehouse: No open toed shoes or loose jewelry. Please leave your valuables locked in your vehicle or keep them on your person. Eating, drinking in the warehouse, or smoking on HACAP property is not permitted. We will provide volunteer/visitor badges and food safety training at the beginning of each volunteer event.

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