HACAP Happenings from March

HACAP Employees Encouraged to Get COVID Vaccines
At the monthly Board of Directors Meeting for March, the Board approved a new policy where staff can send in a copy of their full COVID vaccines to recieve a $25 gift card. 

Email a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covvachsehs@hacap.org if you work in the Head Start/Early Head Start Department, or if you work in any other HACAP department send your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covvacHR@hacap.org.  All others can submit their COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card upon completion of their immunizations to the appropriate email address to receive their gift card.

Work Anniversaries!

May 1 Jacqueline Montoya 4 Years
May 1 Muna Abdalla 4 Years
May 1 Allison Winiski 4 Years
May 8 Mitchel Finn 21 Years
May 9 Randal Farrington 5 Years
May 14 Cindy Johnson 41 Years
May 14 Heidi McKay 20 Years
May 14 Tina Carroll 20 Years
May 14 Walter Morris 14 Years
May 24 Shannon Galloway 15 Years
May 29 Laura Johnston 6 Years


May 2 Charlotte Davis
May 2 Whitney Sanger
May 2 Rachel Harris
May 3 April Lee
May 3 Amelia Berns
May 5 Stacy Weires
May 7 Christi Regan
May 7 Allyn Glenn-Angell
May 10 Tina Carroll
May 13 Cindy Sevart
May 13 Stefanie Balvanz
May 16 Gail Lindo
May 16 Anthony Wernke
May 16 Angelique McNeal
May 20 Sandra Gilbert
May 21 Jamie Titus
May 23 Deborah Boddicker
May 23 Heather Park
May 24 T'Choiya Clayton
May 26 Shauna Whitaker
May 28 Hannah Scribner
May 29 Naomi Freeman
May 30 Kim Vrbicek
May 31 Lisa Bogert


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