HACAP Happenings from March

HACAP Employees Encouraged to Get COVID Vaccines
At the monthly Board of Directors Meeting for March, the Board approved a new policy where staff can send in a copy of their full COVID vaccines to recieve a $25 gift card. 

Email a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covvachsehs@hacap.org if you work in the Head Start/Early Head Start Department, or if you work in any other HACAP department send your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covvacHR@hacap.org.  All others can submit their COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card upon completion of their immunizations to the appropriate email address to receive their gift card.

Work Anniversaries!

April 3 Christina Juett 4 Years
April 3 Keri Houdek 3 Years
April 6 Erik Barnhill 1 Years
April 6 Jean Havugimana 1 Year
April 11 Gayle Dick 5 Years
April 12 Stacy King 22 Years
April 13 Laurie Jasper 6 Years
April 13 Angela Albright 6 Years
April 13 Alyssa Collier 6 Years
April 14 Ronald Gage 7 Years
April 16 Aaron Bjornsen 3 Years
April 17 Amie Blindt 4 Years
April 20 Abigail Zrucky 6 Years
April 21 Mayra Rodriguez 13 Years
April 23 Amanda Thompson 3 Years
April 28 Robert Hilmer 11 Years
April 30 Shaza Mohamed 2 Years


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