Individual Volunteer Application

Volunteer projects occur during HACAP's regular business hours of 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Thursday, with the exception of HACAP's Mobile Food Pantry in Vinton, IA occurring every second Saturday of the month (see full Mobile Food Pantry schedule here). Please complete the online Volunteer Application below or by downloading a paper copy HERE.

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Disclosure of confidential information gained through your employment or as a volunteer by Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc. is an act of prohibited conduct subject to formal disciplinary action. Any information concerning a client, family, financial condition or personal peculiarities is strictly confidential. When a client’s history or condition is reviewed, it must be done in privacy with only those persons involved with the client. Any other information coming to you in the course of your work concerning another person or employee is also considered confidential and may not become the topic of conversation with others.