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5 Reasons Why We Believe HACAP is the Best Nonprofit in the Corridor

Jun 23, 2015


Our corridor is filled with a strong network of outstanding nonprofits who constantly work together making sure our community is at the best it can be. HACAP would be honored to receive your vote recognizing our agency as a nonprofit who leads the community to a better tomorrow. But first before you vote, we would like to share with you, 5 reasons why we think we stand out among the other greats in our area…

1. We’ve been around for a while. 

This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary! 50th Anniversary LogoSince our birth in 1965, we have seen many changes in our programming and the communities we serve. Still committed through thick and thin, we’ve loyally stuck by your side building strong communities for generations past, present, and future.

From the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act in 1964 to the devastating floods in 2008, HACAP has been around to serve the most essential needs in our neighborhoods through services that focus on Early Childhood Education, Food Insecurity, Veteran support, Disaster Relief, Homelessness, Health, Family & Home Stabilization, Weatherization, and Energy Assistance.

2. We’re an awesome place to work.

250 staff in Benton, Iowa Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties are what we refer to as, “the HACAP Family.” Each of our 250 family members have unique skills and talents that help us serve over 65,000 people yearly. Our Executive Leadership inspires staff to achieve a level of excellence by engaging individuals in work that is a good fit while continually showing appreciation for a job well done. Not to mention, HACAP’s management recognizes that well paid employees, are happier employees. Our exemplary benefits package and pay scale are a true model of our organizational mission to strengthen family stability and our local economy. This combination has reduced employee turnover and created a more sustainable workforce. 

But don’t take it from us; take it from the folks who have been here the longest:

"Over the years I've seen several changes, several close team members come and go, watched several of my co-workers families grow, graduate, and have families of their own. I'm proud to be a part of something that enriches the lives of others. It's been a motivating and satisfying part of my life." -Cindy Johnson, 35 years in the HACAP Family 

"Why I never left? Well, I have always enjoyed doing what I do here and enjoy helping others and making a difference, I enjoyed working with the many coworkers that I have had over the years. HACAP is such a family oriented place, why would I want to leave?"– Ronnie Slagenweit, 36 years in the HACAP Family

"I did not feel the need to explore other job opportunities. I have always had the support of the CEO’s I have worked with, as well as my supervisors. HACAP is very supportive of their employees and their families and have always provided me that support when I needed it." –Sandy Gilbert, 35 years in the HACAP Family

"I have enjoyed helping people and really like the freedom of not having to punch a time-lock and being able to travel all over our service area."– Verne Schutzman, 32 years in the HACAP Family

3. We have MANY great friends and supporters!

More than 2,000 volunteers from over 100 local business provide 10,000 plus service hours that make up the heartbeat of our HACAP operations. Volunteering has been just one of many crucial ways we’ve built great relationships which help us extend our community reach.

Nearly 2,000 people follow us on social media daily making HACAP one of the most liked, commented on, and shared nonprofit Facebook pages in Eastern Iowa. Don’t believe us? See for yourself at! After all, you can never have too many friends, right?

Ice Bucket Challenge.png

HACAP’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” on YouTube. Watch the full video here:

4. We feed hungry people.

1 in 4 school-age children get their only meal of the day at school, while 15% of Iowans suffer from food insecurity… let that sink in for a moment.

HACAP’s Operation BackPack program has grown to serve 53 schools throughout our six country service area. This provides kids each week with a bag of single serve food items that they can take home in their backpacks to be fed over the weekend. So far this year, our Food Reservoir has distributed over 3 MILLION pounds of food to local pantries, schools, congregate meal sites, etc. That’s over 2 MILLION meals!

5. We make the corridor a better place to live.

Our mission is to help people develop skills to become successful and build strong communities. 

With 770 kids enrolled in Head Start’s quality education programs and nearly 140 housing properties it’s no wonder why we are making an impact of the livelihood of the people in our community…. and that’s just the beginning! HACAP’s Energy Assistance program served a total of 7,452 people last year providing families with a light at the end of the tunnel, quite literally, and heat during the coldest months of the year.

As our communities evolve so do we! As communities identify local issues we help them identify local solutions. Most recently, we have expanded our serves to include: Homeless Veteran Support, Financial Literacy, Mental & Physical Wellness, Volunteer Engagement, and developmental screening for children 0-5. 

If you’re Homeless, in need of food, a Veteran, expecting mother, new parent, looking for childcare, employed or un-employed, chances are we have a service and program that can help assist you! If you still don’t fit into any of those areas, you can always call United Way’s 2-1-1 and speak to a HACAP employee who has access to a database of over 840 agencies and resources. Now if that doesn’t make an impact, who knows what will?    

Now that we have made our case for why HACAP should be the corridors “Best Nonprofit”, we want to ask you to think about giving us your vote! Voting for the Corridor Business Journal’s “Best in Corridor 2015” ends June 29th. To vote for us, click the link below and type “HACAP” in the “Best Nonprofit” section on the final survey page. We sincerely appreciate your time and support! 


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