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#Giving Tuesday

Nov 16, 2015

We all know about the Black Fridays, the Cyber Mondays, but how many of us know about Giving Tuesdays? This little known day started just 4 years ago with the idea that maybe we should give back during the holidays too.

#GivingTuesdays is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 1st this year. The purpose of the project is to donate to an organization that gives back to the community. Not only is this becoming a trend in Iowa, but it’s picking up momentum all over the country. It’s becoming the tradition to not only donate monetary funds, but time and compassion also. United Way along with the HACAP program, have partnered together this year to help raise funds, and hopefully some volunteers, to donate to the RED Ahead program.

RED Ahead is a program that focuses on both literacy and development. The program provides children with age appropriate books, and developmental screenings. The RED Ahead program is still in its adolescent years; having only begun in September 2011, RED Ahead has enrolled over 1500 families in their program. Families who are enrolled in the WIC program at the Urban or North Towne offices are eligible to enroll either in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, or during the child’s first year.  Being both under the umbrella of funding from both HACAP and United Way, RED Ahead has plenty of community resources to help families in all sorts of needs that may arise in a child’s first 5 years of life.

Donating this holiday will not only help children in the area, it will help everyone. From community programs that will help these families, to the library where kids will discover their love of books, to the teachers who will nurture these young minds in their classrooms one day. Donating to RED Ahead will give the children of Linn County the head start that every child deserves. 

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