HACAP Mobile Food Pantry Schedule

Mobile Food Pantry Schedule

Mobile Food Pantry Schedule

October 2020 Mobile Food Pantry Schedule

Please Note Our COVID-19 Pantry Changes

In response to the recent spread of COVID-19, we are making the following changes to our mobile pantry distribution to protect the health of our volunteers, staff, and clients:

  • We will be distributing pre-boxed food rather than setting up tables for clients to “shop” from. We will have pallets of boxes and bags ready to add the perishable items like produce, bakery and meat to. We will distribute directly from the truck in order to reduce contact with clients. 
  • Clients will be asked to wait in their vehicles and just drive thru for pick up. If clients do not have cars, we are asking that a line of participants be formed and we will call one person at a time up to receive their pre-boxed and bagged items.

About the Mobile Food Pantry

The mission of the Mobile Pantry Program is to meet the needs of hungry clients in urban and rural areas by providing food directly in their communities.

How does the Mobile Food Pantry work?

For information on how to sponsor a Mobile Food Pantry and for questions or comments, please contact our HACAP Food Reservoir at foodreservoir@hacap.org or by calling (319) 393-7811 ext. 1089.