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HACAP PACES to Quality: Fall Activities!

Oct 27, 2014

      HACAP’s PACES to Quality Program assists home and center-based early child care and education providers through education, training and assessments. Our PACES to Quality staff members are leading child care experts who are here to help providers understand state codes, available community resources, and how to provide the best care for children of all ages. They also help home and center-based caregivers understand how to become a registered caregiver. If you are interested in the PACES Program please contact Amy Bruner at for more information.

      Would you like to get involved with our effort to assist local providers? HACAP is always looking for current or former center-based childcare professionals or former directors who would like to volunteer their time to help evaluate and consult with local centers and provide feedback on their quality of childcare and improvements to make.

      Fall is a wonderful time for family fun.  Young children love spending time with mom, dad, or grandparents.  Everyday activities like a walk outside on a crisp fall morning or checking out the evening stars before bedtime can be enjoyable to a little one. The best thing that you can do for your child is give them your time.  Be present with your child in that moment - No phone, TV or other distractions. 

Our PACES to Quality staff have a few suggestions for fall activities:

  • Even though it is a little cooler, children need time outdoors.  Go on a nature walk and point out how the trees are losing their leaves.  Rake and jump in the leaves.
  • Take photos and have a photo scavenger hunt.
  • Go to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard.  Decorate the pumpkins; after Halloween letting the pumpkin decompose in a tote. (outside)
  • Have children help in the kitchen baking fall treats. (pumpkin muffins, bars, apple crisp or pie)
  • Go to the library and read every day to your child!

Written By: Nicole Wise

Category: General Blogs